Five-Year Vision

AOI is recognized by the counties and people we serve as a compassionate, dependable organization who makes a difference in their lives. We relieve the burden of poverty by providing household items, personal care products, and food in times of need. With trust from donors, a track record of utilizing grant funds with impact, and partnerships in each county we enter, we will expand physical operations and staff to meet needs. We are viewed as an integral part of the network of charities making a measured impact in the lives of the people we serve in Ohio, Marshall, and Wetzel counties.


  • We focus on serving ZIP codes where there is the greatest need in Ohio, Marshall, and Wetzel counties (as surveyed by the ALICE reports).
  • We provide our core competency services in times of disaster.
  • We partner with established and respected organizations in the counties we serve with MOUs outlining our partnerships.
  • We utilize a voucher system to determine the needs of the clients.
  • We believe in an empty warehouse because a full warehouse doesn’t help anyone.