WV House of Delegates District 7 Candidate Devon Tennant.

I’m a lifelong resident of Wetzel County. I am a current candidate for the seventh district of the West Virginia House of Delegates. I am the son of a current West Virginia public employee and a former West Virginia coal miner. The reason I am seeking this office is because I have a passion for leadership and public service. I would like to help the working people and families of Wetzel and Marshall counties by using my voice and determination if elected to the legislature. If elected delegate for the seventh, I will stand up against corruption and vote against any Bills that would give the wealthy or elite a tax cut advantage at the expense of working West Virginians. I want to be a voice for working people and families, and if elected, I will work to increase the minimum wage and make family medical leave available. I would also focus on infrastructure, secondary road repair, safe bridges, and clean water. I support Coal, Oil, and Natural Gas Development. Along with Agricultural Development, Small/Family Owned Businesses, Property Rights, Public Educators, Public Employees, Union/ Union workers, Affordable Quality Health Care for Working and Retired West Virginians.