Storm Young is the author of The Pen Pal  and The Final Secret. The Pen Pal follows the story of Shiloh Ray, who is a military wife, new mother, and college student. Shiloh also suffers from postpartum depression and overall loneliness from living in rural Alaska far away from any family or friends. Shiloh then breaks out of her comfort zone and signs up for a Pen Pal. Weeks pass and she is matched with Penelope Young, this is where her whole life will change. Shiloh and Penelope become the best of friends and write letters every week. Until one day the letters just stop. Penelope had vanished. Shiloh cannot handle the thought of losing her best friend, so she flies across the country to figure out what she did wrong, or what happened to Penelope. Once she gets there, she finds out from Penelope’s husband that she is missing. Shiloh takes matters into her own hands, finding out the truth of what happened to her friend. Shiloh will follow clues and figure out the truth no matter what the cost. She also meets a few unexpected friends along the way to help her. Shiloh and her friends will face many challenges and have to race against the clock to find out the truth before someone else covers it up.