Uniglobe Ohio Valley Travel is a full-service travel agency.

We can assist with your next vacation whether it is a cruise, European tour, River Cruise, Disney package, airline flight, hotel, rental car, or other personalized vacation package.

At Uniglobe, we also specialize in our own group tour packages including Baseball tours, Theater Trips, Western Adventures, Group Cruises, one-day and multi-day motor coach tours and more. With our group tours, you not only experience the culture of a destination but also connect with the people you meet and the places you visit.

Our team of agents are highly trained and experienced in all areas of travel. With our team, you will receive expert guidance, unbiased recommendations, personalized service, and professional advice. We are a one stop shop to handle every aspect of your vacation – from transportation, lodging, excursions, and more. With a world of travel information at our fingertips, we can save you countless hours of online searching as we find the best possible vacation options for you, our client.

In addition, we have a close relationship with our travel partners to help you discover the best values and the best experience.

If you experience a problem while traveling, our agents can act on your behalf. We also have a 24/7 support system to handle any problem that may arise.

With Uniglobe, we can take your vacation from good to great to outstanding.