Take Me Home – June 30, 2023

From the Directors Desk

We’ve all heard the phrase “think outside the box”. It’s catchy, but what does it really mean? And more specifically, what does it mean for small rural communities? I personally believe that any problem has a solution and that it’s just a matter of putting many heads together to get to that solution. Can small

communities thrive no matter the size? Yep, I believe that they/we certainly can!

One of the best places to start for innovative thinking in our area is with the West Virginia Community Development Hub, “The Hub”. https://wvhub.org/

New Martinsville is a member. If you haven’t seen the coverage of our kick-off event, be sure to check it out: https://wvhub.org/2023/06/new-martinsville-is-leaning-into-community-relationships-to-build-up-their-city/

Part of innovative thinking calls for imagining what you want your community to look and feel like. Openness to change and inclusion. Re-imagining old spaces for a new day that celebrates both the rich history while also leaning into changing demographics and needs.

We all want young families to come here with their enthusiasm and new ideas. However, the demands of a young modern family are far different from the needs of previous generations. They tend to be very active, both indoors and out. They are tech savvy. Work/life balance is not just a catch-phrase to them,

it’s what they seek. They expect varied and quality services.

When it comes to shopping for goods and services, it’s just a click away on a smartphone. If we want to capture their interests, businesses need to offer what they seek and advertise where they get their information: https://khoros.com/resources/social-media-demographics-guide

By embracing unconventional thinking, a small rural area can unlock hidden potential, promote sustainable development, and contribute to the overall prosperity and well-being of the community!

SBC Home – Small Business Currents—Current trends for small businesses

Have a Safe and Happy July 4 th !


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